I am crying with so much happiness knowing how happy Amy is now inside and how full of love her heart is. The universe returned to her what she deserved after all the love and passion she’s given all of us through her music.

Congratulations again to Amy and Josh!


Amy Lee and her son Jack Lion Hartzler ♥ 

I am beyond happy to share this! Baby Jack Lion Hartzler! Congratulations to Amy and Josh! :D <3 Wow.


Amy Lee and her son Jack Lion Hartzler ♥ 

I am beyond happy to share this! Baby Jack Lion Hartzler! Congratulations to Amy and Josh! :D <3 Wow.

Amy on harp some time ago. I really enjoy the rare times we get to see her as an instrumentalist.

I keep checking twitters and tumblrs at ridiculous rates. Opening and closing tabs. War Story in 4 days, Baby Lee any moment, keep your eyes open, keep your EYES OPEN, KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN.


*sips tea*

Just a little flash from the past from earlier this year: Amy Lee ft. Paula Cole performing Missing

One Moment.

A lot of talk on this “new music coming soon” business. I’ve seen some great responses but I’ve also seen some quirky stuff being said. Now that Amy is independent a lot of people just assume Ev is finished. Like Amy put some sort of ax through their personal connection to the band. Being released from a record deal does not erase those records, it does not erase the memories and connections we all have with Fallen, The Open Door and Ev3. It does not mean we can’t have another. Wind-Up is not what made Evanescence happen and it wasn’t keeping them here. What it does mean, is the oppressive actions of the industry will not be affecting them in the future when and if they do decide to make music as a group again. Why did Ev3 take so particularly long to release? Yes a part of it was due to Amy living life, being a wife and finding her identity. But they actually began making a record long before 2011 with Steve. The music they were making would’ve been out if it weren’t for the mysterious workings of the music industry and Wind-Up. 

The song Sick was a song that supposedly was about the situations they faced with Wind Up because they wanted Ev to sound like Ev. Or more Ev-like. So thus we got Ev3 in 2011. I am very certain Amy loves the record and the music on it. But the third album was not released without a fight. Which brings us to the record deal.

We are in 2014 and you’d be surprised how much the industry has changed. Between crowd funding and social media, the need for a label is moot. Record deals are great for pop stars. They’re great for those who have no to little following who need the additional marketing boost. (and we all know that wasn’t occurring) Becoming independent means Amy doesn’t need approval. For Ev or otherwise. Which takes us to Ev and Amy.

It is true Ev is more than just Amy, ESPECIALLY on Ev3. However the sound is very heavily influenced by Amy. Evanescence sounds like Amy. Amy sounds like Evanescence. This is because Amy is in Evanescence. It’s not a pretend sound she throws on, its just natural. However, no musician only has one musical interest. She has voiced (especially lately) interest in folk and electronic music. Take the snippets from War Story we heard in the trailer: Its electronic but doesn’t it sound familiar? It’s because its Amy. 

Being free of a label allows her to make her own decisions and as we all know, shes an independent-ass-woman who don’t need no label and she should call the shots for her life and career now. She has built an amazing career and now she can tailor it to her interests. Not everyone is going to follow it. That is fine because people have all the right in the world to listen to what they think sounds good. Fine and dandy. 

New music? What is it? Well there’s theories but some of them strike me as odd. What is logically the most likely scenarios? The first one that comes to my mind is the soundtrack for War Story. We were told the soundtrack would come in the summer and we know it is finished. That will most likely hold at least two tracks with Amy on vocals which would be Lockdown and Push The Button. We also know that Amy has definitely been making music for something else with Dave and Joel among others. This could be either a solo EP or an album but I am leaning towards an EP. Why? Because it’d be a great way to plant herself at the beginning of a solo career, while pregnant, without the need to immediately tour and to test the waters. AKA, a financially sound decision. She also knows that we all would love some new music and I think it’s obvious shes inspired. If she wasn’t inspired I think it’s safe to say we wouldn’t have anything (including the War Story work) until well after her family was started. I think it is possible that she’s also going to drop Your Love on the EP. (and in my wildest theories, I think she had something to do with the Your Love leak. The timing was interesting, did someone have  the recording on their phone for years and just found it?) Another possibility is a collaborative work with Dave Eggar. Since they’ve been working together so much it is very possible whatever does come out soon, he will be a big staple of it. That and I personally have been routing for a Dave/Amy record since I was in the womb. Another slight possibility is another film score, since she supposedly was in talks to work on another Mark Jackson project. But I greatly doubt that is the case in such a short time frame.

So where does this leave us? It leaves us at what I think is the greatest possibility: Soundtrack for War Story or a solo EP. Probably heavily folk and inspired by Dave Eggar as a staple. Would probably include Your Love and Find A Way.

These are all wholly my opinions, of course. I am curious what will come about. My final thoughts are these: I am thrilled. I am thrilled because there’s communication. Amy has social media which is so kick ass because think back to the Fallen/Door gap where we had what, MySpace? Yeah. Now there’s a lot less guessing. I’m thrilled because she’s having fun, doing whatever the hell she wants. “Let’s score a film!” “Let’s make some cool electronic stuff!” “I’ll produce this cool folk track!” “Yeah let’s do this show in a cave!” It’s wild and exciting and while we can definitely expect (and should expect) it to be very different from Evanescence, the fact is I do not and never have viewed Amy as attached to Ev as if that’s all she is. That was apart of her identity search I think and I believe some people are not willing to separate the two or at least can not differentiate.

Ev is a piece of Amy, I have always been a fan of Amy Lee the musician, and Evanescence the project of Amy Lee. I am now excitedly waiting for the next project!

COUNTDOWN WAR STORY bring it awwwwwnnnnn!


One Week til War Story!

I just wish we could all get a big bucket of pop corn and watch it together! XD

Dat spin tho. Whisper

Imaginary for anyone wanting some nostalgia

Amy at 150% Max Amys!

This vocal performance tho